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Cleaning and maintenance of duvets


Cleaning and maintenance of duvets


The duvet has high warmth retention, high bulkiness, lightness, softness and softness. It is one of the most popular winter bedding products and is known as the "breathing quilt". But many people don't know how to clean and maintain the duvet. Today, I will give you some relevant knowledge.


A duvet factory is a type of textile manufacturing facility that produces duvets which are large thick blankets typically filled with down feathers or other soft materials. Duvets are used as part of a bedding set and are usually placed atop a fitted sheet and beneath a decorative comforter or quilt. The duvet factory usually produces several different types of duvets including those made from natural materials like down and feathers as well as synthetic fillers like polyester fiber. Duvets come in a variety of sizes colors and patterns and the duvet factory typically offers a wide selection to choose from




1. First of all, in order to prevent the duvet from drilling down, it is not recommended to clean the duvet frequently. It is recommended to clean it once every 2 years.


2. The duvet can be machine washed or hand washed. Uniform selection of neutral detergent, it will not cause damage to the down. When rinsing, add a little white vinegar uniformly to remove the residue of detergent, otherwise there will be a circle of water stains on the quilt.


3. The washing time should not be long during machine washing, if the time is too long, the quilt will be drilled down.


4. When washing by hand, first soak the duvet with water, and then gently brush the duvet with a soft brush.


5. After the stains are removed, squeeze the water in the duvet to clean it. Do not wring it out, which will damage the down.


There are several duvet suppliers available online who can provide you with high quality duvets at competitive prices. When choosing a duvet supplier it is important to choose one that is reputable and has good customer reviews.


drying or drying


1. The duvet can be air-dried or dried.


2. Avoid direct sunlight when drying (it will cause the oil in the duvet to undergo chemical changes and produce peculiar smell), choose a good weather, and dry the quilt in a well-ventilated place.


3. Dry it regularly. The drying time is preferably from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm, for 2-3 hours in a row, and once in the middle.


4. Select the low temperature gear when machine drying, and put some drying balls or tennis balls wrapped in socks when drying, so that the down clumps of the duvet can be hit when drying.


5. The drying time is controlled at 4-12 hours according to the temperature gear. You can check it in time. If there is agglomeration, it means that it is still wet and needs to continue drying.


 duvet wholesaler is a company that sells duvets and related products in bulk at discounted prices. This type of company is often able to offer lower prices due to the fact that they purchase their products directly from the manufacturers. Duvet wholesalers typically sell their products to retailers but some also sell directly to consumers via their websites or catalogs.




1. Before storing, make sure that the quilt is fully dry, pat lightly for a while to remove the floating dust, choose a well-ventilated place, and put an appropriate amount of insect repellant for storage.


2. Before using it again, tap or shake to let the down quickly relax, inhale air, and restore elasticity and bulk to achieve the best comfort and warmth.



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