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Why is the down so warm


Why is the down so warm


From the perspective of thermal insulation, the research results published by French scientific research institutions believe that there is no thermal insulation material in the world that exceeds the thermal insulation performance of down. What is the thermal insulation principle of down, let us find out.


Warmth of down


1. The bulkiness of down is many times that of other materials. In real life, the quilt can play a role in keeping warm. In fact, the main reason is that a large number of still air is contained between the filling fibers to cut off the exchange of cold air from the outside world, so the goal of keeping warm is achieved. It can be found through testing that the fluffiness of down is 3 times that of wool, 5 times that of cotton, and 4 times that of chemical fiber.


2. The thermal conductivity of down is very low. In daily life, in fact, all fibers have thermal conductivity. If the thermal conductivity is high, the quilt will definitely not be so warm. Through the thermal conductivity test results of down and wool, it is found that the thermal conductivity of down is 0.06293W/m·℃, which is more than 60% lower than that of wool, so it is warmer than wool.


3. Down has good tortuous recovery performance. After research, it was found that the down fiber down twigs and nodes are short and small. Although the wool does not rebound as fast after shrinking, as long as the external force is slightly stirred, the fluff branches and nodes between the fibers will quickly leave, and the fibers will return to their natural separation. Simply put, if the duvet is tightened, it can be recovered immediately with a shake.

The maintenance method of down:


Experience 1: Always wash by hand.

On the inside of down products, there is a small label printed with maintenance and washing instructions. Careful people will find that 90% of down products are marked to be hand washed, and dry cleaning is not allowed, because the potion used for dry cleaning will affect the warmth retention and also make Aged fabric. After machine washing and drying, it is easy to cause uneven thickness of the filling, which affects the appearance and warmth retention.


Experience 2: Rinse at 30 degrees water temperature.

Soak the down products in cold water for 20 minutes to fully wet the inside and outside of the down products. Dissolve the detergent into warm water at 30 degrees, soak the down product in it for a quarter of an hour, and then gently brush it with a soft brush. Warm water should also be used for rinsing, which can help the detergent to be fully dissolved in the water, so that the down products can be rinsed more cleanly.


Experience 3: The concentration of washing powder should not be too high.

If you must use washing powder to clean down products, the concentration of washing powder should be very low. If the concentration is too high, it is difficult to rinse clean. The residual washing powder in the down will affect the bulkiness of the down and greatly reduce the warmth retention.


Experience 4: it is best to use a neutral detergent.

Neutral detergents do the least damage to down. Using alkaline detergents, if the rinsing is not clean, the residual detergent will cause damage to the down jacket, and it is easy to leave white marks on the surface of the clothes, which will affect the appearance. To remove residual alkaline detergent, after rinsing twice, add two teaspoons of vinegar to warm water, soak the down product for a while before rinsing, vinegar can neutralize the alkaline detergent.


Experience 5: Don't wring it out.

After the down products are washed, they should not be wrung out. The water should be squeezed out, and then flattened or hung to dry. No exposure to the sun, and no ironing. After drying, it can be gently tapped to restore fluffy and soft down products.


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